New writing team Virginia Smith and Lori Copeland’s first venture has an intriguing premise: “We all hear that ‘small, still voice’ at times,” Virginia says. “What would happen if we really listened?” Conflict, uncertainty and romance collide in Lost Melody (Zondervan) and the authors will be offering an alternate ending to the book on their website. “We wrote what we thought was a beautiful end to a Christian love story, but all of our first readers felt it was too sad. So we rewrote the ending for the published book, but we plan to offer the original to readers.  We’re really interested to hear what our readers think of the two endings.”

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About The Author

When Lori and Ginny were first introduced by their agent in 2010, an instant friendship developed. They discovered an enjoyment for the same types of stories – both reading and writing them – as well as similar senses of humor. The result of their first plotting session was Lost Melody. Lori and Ginny both have busy writing careers of their own, and they continue to write books independently.