In a panel at the Producers Guild of America conference Produced By, Mark Burnett said that he and wife Roma Downey aren’t done yet with the Bible: “Roma and I will do a follow-up, 100 percent. Something big,” he said, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter and Chicago Tribune.

Their epic mini-series The Bible, which was broadcast on the History Channel, garnered record numbers of viewers during its 10-episode run in April. Nearly 12 million people watched the Easter Sunday finale. Christian Retailing reports that the DVD and Blu-ray edition sold more than 500,000 units in its first week of release, making it the top-selling TV program on DVD in the last five years and the best-selling miniseries ever on Blu-ray, digital HD and DVD.

He also told the panel that the three-hour mini-series has been edited down to a feature-length movie about Jesus. “I believe in the next 15 years, more people on the planet will have seen our Bible series than not seen it,” he said.

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Roma Downey starred in the hit TV series Touched By An Angel. She's also producer of the children's DVD and book series Little Angels. Mark Burnett is the producer of Survivor and The Apprentice. The husband-wife duo collaborated on the epic drama mini-series The Bible.