With the presidential campaign on the home stretch, it’s not surprising many are suffering from serious political fatigue. But Martha Bolton presents a positively Lincolnesque candidate in Josiah for President (Zondervan).

“Josiah obviously isn’t a real-life candidate,” Martha says, “but those who have read the book have fallen in love with the character of Josiah. He’s witty, wise, and he is definitely a fish out of water in D.C. politics. He’s a Washington outsider in the purest sense of the term, and the ultimate green candidate—and of course, a man of peace.”

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About The Author

Author and comedy writer Martha Bolton has a varied list of writing credits, including staff writer for Bob Hope and parody lyric writer for Mark Lowry. She has authored nearly 50 books, which include children’s entertainment, youth devotionals, musicals, comedy essays, dramatic sketches, marriage, family and relationships.