Readers often think of Job
sitting on the ash heap, his
life in shambles. But how
did he get there? What was
Job’s life like before tragedy
struck? What did he think
as his world came crashing
down around him? And
what was life like after God
restored his wealth, health,
and family?

An old-fashioned case of curiosity is exactly
what propelled Mesu Andrews’ latest novel,
Love Amid the Ashes (Revell), into motion.

After searching though a slew of Bible
commentaries for details about Job’s wife,
Mesu not only began wondering why she
wasn’t mentioned in more detail, but also
started investigating a bit more about Job
himself. “I tried to find out if anyone named
Job’s wife, because there are certain
mysterious women mentioned in Scripture
that are made even more mysterious by their
anonymity,” Mesa
shares. “Job’s wife is one
of those women.

“As I delved further
into Job’s story, I became
more intrigued with his
attitude—and God’s
response to his
attitude. I have
struggled with
fibromyalgia since 1997
and daily migraines
since 2005, so I know a
little bit about suffering. As
I let Scripture teach me, I
learned some encouraging
truths about God’s intimate
relationship with those who suffer.”

In Love Amid the Ashes, the story of stalwart
faith in the midst of trying circumstances is
woven together by using Job’s story, along
with the account of those in Esau’s tribe and
Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, the focal point for
this fascinating story that explores familiar
biblical passages in a new way.
—Christa A. Banister

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About The Author

Mesu Andrews is an active speaker who has devoted herself to passionate and intense study of Scripture. Harnessing her deep understanding and love for God's Word, Andrews brings the biblical world alive for her readers in this debut novel. She lives in Washington.