Mike Duran’s sophomore novel, The Telling (Realms), brings together a scarred prophet who has abandoned his gift, the doppelganger whose murder he must solve, and a quest to close one of the nine gates of hell.

“It was really a fun, challenging story to unravel,” Mike shares. “The Telling is a story about people who, in the midst of horrific circumstances, are grappling with a larger purpose to their lives. What is destiny? Is it human or divine? Can darkness—inside or outside us—short-circuit our destiny? Or are some scars actually destined?”

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About The Author

Mike Duran is a novelist, blogger, and freelance writer whose short stories, essays, and commentary have appeared in Relief Journal, Novel Journey, Rue Morgue magazine, and other print and digital outlets. His novels explore the boundaries of belief, the fragile tether between science and superstition, the depths of despair and the reaches of faith. An ordained minister, Mike pastored a church for 11 years.