What kind of research did you do for the historical details?

The internet has a number of sites giving wonderful historical details. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing senior adults who remember historical events as children or stories from their grandparents I’ve found very helpful.

Did setting the novel at a bakery require any kind of research or practice to get those details correct?

No. I visited Charm, Ohio where I thought it would be fun to plant a fictional bakery there. I love sweets, so that made it easy to write about the goodies offered at the bakery.

Given the simple Amish lifestyle, are there many differences between how the Amish were in 1912 – and how they were treated by the culture around them – than how things are today?

In 1912, they suffered more prejudice from others due to not enlisting in the service and setting themselves apart from everyone else. They still experience prejudice for these same reasons, but not as much as in 1912.

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