It is high adventure, full of intrigue, but also clearly presents the
wonderful Good News of the Gospel. Your kids will love the fantastic,
colorful, animated, stories from acclaimed Christian film producer Ken
Anderson. Volume 1 contains two adventures:

DANGER ON THE PIONEER EXPRESS: The railroad promised
to open the West for Pioneer Junction, but when the Sheriff caught wind
of a sinister plot to destroy the Pioneer Express, he enlisted Brent
Towers, the Christian Cowboy, to investigate. With God’s help, and his
two young friends, Tom and Jenny, they saved the train, and learned some
valuable lessons from the Bible about being good citizens.
29 mins, Color, 1.33:1 / 4×3, 1987

BADROCK VALLEY GANG: Suddenly, a strange disease began
to kill the rancher’s cattle. Then, the new veterinarian came up with a
strange scheme to buy the cattle cheap. It took the Christian Cowboy to
corral the plot and bring the Badrock Valley Gang to justice.
29 mins, Color, 1.33:1 / 4×3, 1986

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