Expand your Davey and Goliath collection with six newly restored episodes! In “If at First You Don’t Succeed,” Davey and Sally realize their lofty goals of becoming a champion bowler and concert pianist require effort. Then, Davey discovers the consequences of dishonesty when he cheats on a test in “Kookaburra” and buys a collar for Goliath with money that doesn’t belong to him in “Finders Keepers.” Davey also learns to respect God’s world (“The Caretaker”) and the property of others (“The Hard Way”).

In addition, Volume 8 includes the 1967 spooky special titled “Halloween Who-Dun-It.” After winning a prize for his “Man from Mars” suit, Davey goes out in costume with Sally and Goliath to create some Halloween mischief. Thinking no one can tell who they are, they end up hurting the feelings of others and realize too late that their masks can’t hide their actions from God.

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