Rediscover the true meaning of Christmas with Davey in this enhanced DVD that features the 1965 holiday special “Christmas Lost and Found.” Only after Davey gives his role as a wise man in the school’s Christmas pageant to another boy does he truly understand that the real meaning of Christmas is about giving, just as God demonstrated by giving us His Son.

Volume 9 contains five additional episodes. In “Blind Man’s Bluff,” Davey learns to look at the hearts of others rather than their skin color, and in “The Greatest,” he shows compassion when he finds out that Nicky, the troublesome boy who continually boasts about his father, doesn’t have a dad. This 50th anniversary DVD release also includes “Rickety-Rackety,” “Boy in Trouble,” and the previously lost episode “Help,” in which Davey and Jonathan learn to appreciate the law after they are rescued by Officer Dan.

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