From sneeze-powered windmills to a colossal ship of stone, join Davie and his wooly sidekick, Chops, as they discover that a little faith can do giant things. In this imaginative children’s adventure, when the giant Golimyr threatens the peaceful village of the Zites, King Sullic searches for a champion to vanquish the foe. To the king’s dismay, the only one who rises to their aid is young Davie, a peaceful pear grower whose sole defenses are a sling, a sheep, and his faith.

Based on the biblical tale of David and Goliath, this enchanting children’s DVD is bursting with delightful animation that inspires children’s imaginations and teaches character-building values like trust and faith. Awarded the Dove Family Approved Seal, Davie & Golimyr is a must-have for any Christian family’s movie collection.

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