Come On Over! (COO!) is an Emmy Award-winning musical comedy for kids and families that models creative play. The 23 minute episodes follow Joel and his quirky friends as they play through all sorts of situations. Joel is an artist whose art studio and backyard act as the primary setting to burst into music videos, whimsical make-believe, hands-on arts based projects and a whole range of silliness. All the while COO! models healthy choices and family values. Regular friends bring enthusiasm (Brandy), encouragement (Grandma Zippy), smarts (Hedge), and even skepticism (Mr. Flabbinjaw). As needed, a range of experts “come on over” to play through dance or theatre or rock-n-roll guitar etc. Anything can happen through play: sock robot mad scientists, giant tinfoil spaceships, Bubble-ologists, flying hedgehogs and more!

Additional short form scenes and music videos apply the fun of the longer episodes to faith topics and operate as value added material.

The themes of COO! are enhanced by family “curriculum” that is built into the DVD booklet. These materials will include fun discussion points, scripture, prayer and suggested family activities. They will encourage families to play and to pray together.

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