The parables Jesus taught were so much more than stories. Experience the teachings of Jesus the way they were meant to—as stories you could relate to, understand, and learn from. Looking at stories like the parables of the mustard seed, the Good Samaritan, and the two debtors, Parables Remix reveals the key points and delivers insight to develop a message or incite meaningful discussion.

Parables Remix will deepen individual and small group understanding of the parables and promote further study into God’s word. The films can also be used as an introduction to a message, an illustration, or a discussion starter. However you choose to use these short films, you will discover the truth inside each story and God’s truth will be revealed in a new light. This DVD offers 18 compelling short films that put Jesus’ parables into a modern day scenario, giving you something to think about and opening up opportunities for dialogue. A Study Guide (sold separately) offers discussion questions and other supplemental materials to receive the full benefit of Jesus’ teachings.

Parables included:
1. The Mustard Seed
2. The Wise and Foolish Builders
3. The Wheat and the Weeds
4. The Friend at Midnight
5. The Shrewd Manager
6. The Barren Fig Tree
7. The Rich Man and Lazarus
8. The Fig Tree
9. The Good Shepherd
10. The Good Samaritan
11. The Talents
12. The Lost Coin
13. The New Wine in Old Wine Skins
14. The Rich Fool
15. The Two Sons
16. The Treasure Buried in the Field
17. The Two Debtors
18. The Wicked Servant

Looking at each of these stories through a new lens, your group can discover and discuss the meanings, significance, and lessons from the parables. Using thought-provoking short films from Parables Remix, your congregation, small group, and personal Bible study can truly experience the parables of Jesus.

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