THE BEGINNER’S BIBLE is an animated children’s video series of timeless bible stories for preschoolers. It is based on the best-selling children’s book The Beginner’s Bible, and features full animation, original songs and the theme song by Kathie Lee Gifford. The series is designed to give an overview of the Bible, based on the basic, simple stories found in all Bible versions.

It is non-denominational and has been accepted by all major denominations and ministries because of its simplicity and warmth. Created to help you share the most important lessons from the greatest stories ever told, THE BEGINNER’S BIBLE series is a delightful new way to introduce young children to these timeless stories of inspiration, courage and faith.


* The Story of Easter: The Story of Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Learn of His kind deeds as He spends time with His disciples and teaches them about God’s love. Watch as Jesus overcomes death and gives the gift of everlasting life.
* The Story of The Nativity: Witness the anticipation of King Herod’s unhappy subjects as they anxiously await the arrival of their new king. Feel Mary’s tender emotion and Joseph’s excitement as they marvel at the birth of God’s precious Son.
* The Story of Moses: See how Moses’ mother saved her son’s life by floating him in a basket down the Nile. After discovering his true heritage, Moses becomes a man of God who leads the Hebrew people out of slavery.
* Bonus Features: Also includes Spanish language versions of the stories.


* Charming animation, heartwarming characters, and memorable songs bring the Scriptures to life for your whole family.
* Timed to release for the Easter holiday season.
* First of three volumes in the Beginner’s Bible DVD series.
* Bi-lingual audio:English and Spanish.
* Geared toward children, ages 2 through 8 years.
* Non-denominational message:accepted by all major denominations and ministries because of its simplicity and warmth.
* Bible stories come to life–based on the best-selling Bible storybook that sold over 6MM copies!

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