In the sequel to The Moment After, the original cast returns with former FBI agent Adam Riley (David White) making a dramatic escape from death row, reuniting with his friend and mentor, Jacob Krause (Brad Heller), the leader of The Way, and his small remnant of Christians. Global Alliance leader Commander Fredericks (Monte Perlin) has forced Adam’s former partner Charles Baker (Kevin Downes) to hunt them down while a ragtag militia, led by “Captain” Jackson (Lonnie Colon), spy on them for their own gain. As events lead to an explosive confrontation, all will be forced to an awakening of the real struggle… for their very souls.

Running Time: 93 Min.
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Special Features:

  • Filmmaker and Cast Commentary
  • The Making Of The Moment After 2
  • “Lifelight” Music Video by Two Empty Chairs
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