Full of heart-pounding suspense, the complete Pray trilogy is a white-knuckle roller coaster ride that provides the perfect uplifting alternative to the typical secular horror movie from Hollywood. Will the faith and heroism of the intended victims triumph over evil and darkness? In each faith-friendly thriller from Cross Shadow Productions, you’ll experience shocking miracles accomplished through the power of prayer and be reminded that when difficult or traumatic situations arise, God always hears your cries for help.

In Pray, a high school girl’s faith is put to the test when she’s trapped alone inside the mall. Next, the mysterious villain returns in Pray 2: The Woods to strike fear into the hearts of his targets once again. Then, a mother’s worst nightmare comes true when a raging storm and a masked villain threaten the children of Laurie Curtis and the babysitters in Pray 3D: The Storm, which comes with 3D glasses, as well as a 2D version and a 3D TV option. Each DVD is also available separately.

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