Front-page news! The Blue Ridge Chronicle hits the streets, with publisher John-Boy Walton covering everything from a local break-in (Ben is among the suspects) to his eyewitness account of the crash of the Hindenburg. And, in a story filled with surprises and a ceremony filled with beauty, Mary Ellen becomes the first Walton child to marry. More adventures await, including Jason’s job in a honkytonk, Grandma’s set-to with the minister, and an exciting, heartwarming Christmas episode that’s sure to become a holiday favorite with your family. And along the way old friends return, new friends arrive and the family bedrock of love endures in this 5-Disc, 24-Episode Season-5 Set of one of television’s most enduring series.

Episodes include: Disc 1 – “The First Edition,” “The Vigil,” “The Comeback,” “The Baptism,” “The Fire Storm” and “The Nightwalker” Disc 2 – “The Wedding (Part 1),” “The Wedding (Part 2),” “The Cloudburst,” “The Great Motorcycle Race,” “The Pony Cart,” “The Best Christmas” and “The Last Mustang” Disc 3 – “The Rebellion,” “The Ferris Wheel,” “The Elopement,” “John’s Crossroad,” The Career Girl” and “The Hero” Disc 4 – “The Inferno,” “The Heartbreaker,” “The Long Night” and “The Hiding Place” Disc 5 – “The Go-Getter” and “The Achievement”.

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
The Waltons: The Complete First Season
The Waltons: The Complete Second Season
The Waltons: The Complete Third Season
The Waltons: The Complete Fourth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Fifth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Sixth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Seventh Season
The Waltons: The Complete Eighth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Ninth Season
The Waltons: The Movie Collection

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