They built their home on the timeless mountain that bears their name. They built their lives on even stronger stuff: the bedrock of family. This 5-disc set features all 24 Year-One episodes of the beloved series that ran 9 years and won 5 Emmy Awards its inaugural year, including Outstanding Drama Series. Richard Thomas plays the key role of John-Boy Walton, a youth on the verge of manhood during the Great Depression and a fledgling writer whose observations are filled with the growing-up lessons and love he receives from father John, mother Olivia, Grandma, Grandpa and all the rest of “The Waltons.”

Episodes include: Disc 1 – Side A: “The Foundling,” “The Carnival” and “The Calf” Disc 1 – Side B: “The Hunt,” “The Typewriter” and “The Star” Disc 2 – Side A: “The Sinner,” “The Boy From The C.C.C.” and “The Ceremony” Disc 2 – Side B: “The Legend,” “The Literary Man” and “The Dust Bowl Cousins” Disc 3 – Side A: “The Reunion,” “The Minstrel” and “The Actress” Disc 3 – Side B: “The Fire,” “The Love Story” and “The Courtship” Disc 4 – Side A: “The Gypsies,” “The Deed” and “The Scholar” Disc 4 – Side B: “The Bicycle” and “The Townie” Disc 5 – “An Easter Story”.

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
The Waltons: The Complete First Season
The Waltons: The Complete Second Season
The Waltons: The Complete Third Season
The Waltons: The Complete Fourth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Fifth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Sixth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Seventh Season
The Waltons: The Complete Eighth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Ninth Season
The Waltons: The Movie Collection

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