(NASHVILLE, TN) Donna Stanley has a teenage daughter who loves to read, but she was having
trouble finding books in her favorite genre that did not involve vampires and witches. Noting her
daughter’s frustration, Donna decided to write her own teen-angst/supernatural novel. Thus, New
(Creation House) took flight.

Instead of encountering vampires and werewolves, the teens in
New Wings encounter angels and demons. Olivia, the young
heroine named after Donna’s daughter, is challenged to
increase her faith and her prayer life as she watches Mike, her
guardian angel, battle on her behalf.

Tackling social issues like cutting, date rape, bullying and
homelessness, New Wings confronts real challenges in today’s
culture and encourages everyone to know that they are not
alone, there is a God who deeply loves them, and their prayers
have power.

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About The Author

Donna Stanley attended Philadelphia Biblical University, Moody Bible Institute, and Mansfield University, where she studied angelology, demonology, and the anthropology of religion. She was a youth leader for ten years and now serves as a young adult mentor and leader in her local church. Donna lives in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania with her family.