jesusgoodnewspvPhil Vischer’s What’s in the Bible Series has turned a corner: With the tenth DVD, Jesus is the Good News! (Jellyfish Labs), the series has moved from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Using cartoon storytelling and puppets, this installment in the series covers all four Gospels. “I hope families take away from this DVD a real and new understanding of what Jesus did and why it matters,” Phil says. “Why did He have to do this, and what difference does it make?”

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About The Author

Phil Vischer was the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Big Idea Productions. As co-creator of VeggieTales™, he's also been writer, director and voice for more than a dozen characters, including Bob the Tomato. He continues to write, consult, and do voiceover work with the reorganized company. Vischer and his wife, Lisa, live in the Chicago, IL with their 3 children, where he continues to serve in ministry and other new creative ventures.