Set in the 1930s, River
Jordan’s The Miracle of
Mercy Land
is the story of Mercy Land,
the daughter of a traveling
preacher who’s no longer
content to spend her days
in her small, rural
community. Mercy goes to
Bay City and starts work
at the local paper. Mercy’s
on the lookout for a good
scoop, so when a book
surfaces that details the
lives of everyone in Bay
City—the good, bad and
the ugly—Mercy can’t
help but
about its
and what
would happen if the
prophecy written in
its pages was actually

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About The Author

Critically acclaimed novelist and playwright, River Jordan is a storyteller of the southern variety and spent ten years as a playwright. She speaks around the country on the “Power of Story” and produces and hosts the radio series, Clearstory from Nashville, Tennessee where she makes her home.