The latest romance from Allie Pleiter is Their Wander Canyon Wish (Love Inspired): Back in her hometown with her twin daughters, widow Marilyn Sofitel is set on never falling in love again. She’s sure her heart is safe spending time with Wyatt Walker as he works to fix the carousel her girls love. Everyone knows he’s handsome, charming…and trouble. But as they grow closer, might their unlikely friendship to develop into something deeper? In this exclusive interview, Allie shares some background on the novel, reveals the spiritual themes in the book, and explains what he hopes readers come away with after reading it…

No spoilers, but what can you tell us about Their Wander Canyon Wish?

Wander Canyon Wish is the story of the Walker brothers we met in Wander Canyon Courtship. It’s a romance between someone no one looks up to—Wyatt Walker—and a young widow everyone admires but who wrestles with a secret she believes could ruin her and her young twin girls.

Tell us about Marilyn Sofitel and Wyatt Walker – what about these two made you want to tell their story?

Wyatt, being the rebellious upstart that he is, simply would not be content with his role as a secondary character in Wander Canyon Courtship. He demanded his own story, one that showed the world there was more to him than the local bad boy everyone thought he was.

Turns out, the love of a good woman brings out his heart of gold. Marilyn and her darling twins became the perfect trio to uncover Wyatt’s true nature, and, as he put it, “his good guy side.”

What spiritual themes run through the book?

I love a good redemption story, and this book certainly tells how God brings people into our lives who show us how to be more than we thought ourselves capable of being. Mariliyn learns she can be strong and not hide despite what she believes is a terrible secret. It’s a romance that reminds us God always has more in store than we ever dream if we’ll just trust and keep our hearts open.

How does this fit into the larger picture of the Wander Canyon books?

The last book in the Matrimony Valley series—Wander Canyon Courtship—introduced us to the small Colorado town of Wander Canyon. We met Chaz Walker, his stepfather Hank, Hank’s new bride Pauline, and Chaz’s half brother Wyatt.

Wyatt doesn’t come off looking too good at the end of that book, so it wasn’t a surprise that he insisted on getting his own happily ever after. There are two more books in the Wander Canyon series, so readers will get to spend a little more time with the charming and quirky cast of characters who live there.

What do you hope readers will take away after reading Their Wander Canyon Wish?

I hope they come away from the book with a renewed sense of God’s provision. I’d like to think they will see new possibilities for the places that seem like dead ends in their own life, and a strengthened faith in God’s ability to craft a joyful ending even when we can’t see how it would ever happen. I love the saying that “God can see around corners,” and I hope this is one of the messages this book brings.

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