Inspired by the Amish saying, “The best things in life are not things,” author Suzanne Woods Fisher allows audiences a unique glimpse into how the Amish celebrate the holiday season in A Lancaster County Christmas (Revell). Further upping the ante is the unexpected presence of a non-Amish family who unexpected rolled into the Riehl’s farmhouse, thanks to a snowstorm. “For most Amish families, modest gifts are given only to the children, and a large meal will be shared with extended family,” Suzanne says. “The focus is on Christ’s birth and on people—a good reminder that ushers in true Christmas peace.”

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About The Author

Suzanne Woods Fisher is the bestselling author of The Choice and The Waiting. Her interest in the Anabaptist cultures can be directly traced to her grandfather, W.D. Benedict, who was raised in the Old Order German Baptist Brethren Church in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Suzanne is the host of the popular internet radio show Amish Wisdom and lives in California.