Less than two years after Jeanna Young and Jacqueline Johnson first introduced sweet little girls to the parables with the Princess Parables series, the pair revisit their first two books, Princess Grace and the Little Lost Kitten and Princess Joy's Birthday Blessing. But with new titles and an extra learning element for beginning readers, the princesses have become part of the Zonderkidz educational series, I Can Read!  


Retold with simpler Level 1 I Can Read! prose, PRINCESS JOY'S PARTY and PRINCESS GRACE AND POPPY (Zonderkidz; $3.99 each; August 2012) preserve the original storylines, as well and the dazzling artwork by acclaimed illustrator Omar Aranda, now reworked for emergent readers.


In PRINCESS JOY'S PARTY, the young and lovable princesses-Grace, Charity, Hope, and Faith - are planning a special surprise party to mark the birthday of their sister, Joy. But Joy doesn't feel like celebrating when she learns that all of the guests have declined to attend. Can the sisters put their heads and hearts together to throw Joy a last minute bash fit for a princess?  


In PRINCESS GRACE AND POPPY, five adorable kittens slip into a castle closet. When Princess Grace happens upon the litter, she begs the King to let them stay, promising to keep her new pets out of trouble-especially the spunkiest of the bunch, Poppy.

To Grace's dismay, Poppy escapes, sending all five princesses into panic mode. As Grace and her sisters exhaust themselves searching for the missing kitten, they turn to prayer to bring their beloved Poppy home safely.


Continuing to spread positive Christian messages to girls, Young and Johnson pack each of the Princess Parables with timeless morals and enchanting tales, beguiling little princesses everywhere.  




After twenty years as a corporate event planner, Jeanna Young was inspired to develop the Princess Parable series in 2011, which is her first set of published books. With two daughters of her own, she understands the need to have role models for them to look up to with character and depth. She is a speaker with Mom Heart Ministries at Mariners Church in Irvine, California. She lives in Santa Ana with her husband and four children.


Jacqueline Johnson is a former tribal missionary to the Kuna Indians on the Colombian border in Central America. She is the co-author of the first two books in the Princess Parables series, Princess Grace and the Little Kitten and Princess Joy's Birthday Blessings. Fluent in several languages, she and her husband pastor in a Spanish-speaking church in Southern California. She is the mother of two grown daughters and the grandmother of three girls and four boys.


Omar Aranda studied fine arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was born. He started his career as an artistic painter, but now devotes all of his time to illustrating children's books. He is the illustrator of the Jacko Whisp series of picture books for children.  

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