Tracy Higley transports readers into ancient times with Garden of Madness (Thomas Nelson), the untold story of King Nebuchadnezzar’s daughter Tiamat—a story still relevant today. Tracy explains, “Culture changes, and with it the values and morals held by those whose only standard is what their culture holds to be true. But Truth doesn’t change, and neither does the human heart. From pagans watching their gladiator games to Americans and their football games, we are the same on the inside—still seeking something to worship, still frustrated with the broken world in which we live, still knowing in our hearts that there must be more than this.”

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About The Author

Tracy L. Higley travels the world, brings back adventure and writes novels that transports readers to ancient times and places. The author of several novels, she holds a degree in English Literature and has written more than fifty drama productions for church ministry. She is especially passionate about "breaking down emotional and philosophical barriers that people have put up between themselves and Christ."