If there’s one thing we are certain of at
FamilyFiction, it’s this:  stories have the power to
change people
. They have a way of sticking with you, hanging
around, invading your thoughts and helping you draw parallels to your own life.
In the New Testament, Jesus used parables over and over to give his followers
something to think about–something they could unpack, investigate, and examine
in order to reach their own conclusions about faith and

And still today, this is what we do. As
readers of fiction, we see ourselves in the characters. We empathize with their
struggles and in turn, something happens to us. We

To celebrate the transformative power
of story, FamilyFiction is launching a new monthly column, Better Than Fiction. We want
all of our readers to share their perspective about how a novel reached past
the pages and into their hearts. 

Perhaps it was Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers or The Visitation by Frank Peretti; we want you to send us your 300-word
short essay about how and why a particular novel changed your life. Click

to submit your essay for a chance to be published in an
issue of Karen Kingsbury Presents FamilyFiction.

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