GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Apr. 18, 2007 -- Zonderkidz, the children’s group of Zondervan, will enter the graphic novel genre by releasing their first-ever line of Christian manga comics in August, 2007. Zonderkidz manga graphic novel lineup is filled with stories that share biblical themes through manga-style black-and-white illustration. In all, six separate series will be in the initial release, including two books from each series.

“Zonderkidz is excited to enter the graphic novel category because we believe this form of storytelling is only going to continue to grow in popularity,” said Bruce Nuffer, associate publisher and executive editor. “Readers new to the format will find these books just as compelling and theologically sound as everything Zonderkidz creates. And those already familiar with manga will love that they meet the world-class standards of art and storytelling that readers are used to in this format.”

Zonderkidz’ manga titles provide a Christian platform for the already popular manga format. The manga storylines will consist of biblical, superhero and fantasy/science fiction. Zonderkidz is offering alternatives to secular products so that parents can feel secure that they are meeting their children’s needs for relevant product in a theologically sound and family-friendly way. In all, 48 titles are planned for release over the next four years.

Sample Art By: Eric Merced

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The people of Judah caught between the clash of empires...
The Coming Storm (Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic #1)
Scions of Josiah (Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic #2)
The Prophet's Oracle (Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic #3)
Valley of Dry Bones (Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic #4)
The Writing on the Wall (Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic #5)
Rebuilding Faith (Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic #6)
Hope from Persia (Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic #7)
A Nation Restored (Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic #8)


Son of Samson SON OF SAMSON
Incredible strength, heroic battles, and humorous antics...
The Judge of God (Son of Samson #1)
The Daughter of Dagon (Son of Samson #2)
The Maiden of Thunder (Son of Samson #3)
The Raiders of Joppa (Son of Samson #4)
The Witch of Endor (Son of Samson #5)
The Heroes of God (Son of Samson #6)
The Sword of Revenge (Son of Samson #7)
The Tears of Jehovah (Son of Samson #8)


Hand of the Morningstar HAND OF THE MORNINGSTAR
In the battle between good and evil, it's hard to tell who's on which side...
Advent (Hand of the Morningstar #1)
Resurrection (Hand of the Morningstar #2)
Confession (Hand of the Morningstar #3)
Emergence (Hand of the Morningstar #4)
Indoctrination (Hand of the Morningstar #5)
Allegiance (Hand of the Morningstar #6)
Revelation (Hand of the Morningstar #7)
Transformation (Hand of the Morningstar #8)


Flying through time to save the world...
Pyramid Peril (TimeFlyz #1)
Turtle Trouble (TimeFlyz #2)
Berlin Breakout (TimeFlyz #3)
Tunnel Twist-up (TimeFlyz #4)
Power Play (TimeFlyz #5)
Time Trap (TimeFlyz #6)
Battle Between (TimeFlyz #7)
Final Face Off (TimeFlyz #8)


The Bible ... larger than life!
Names, Games, and the Long Road Trip (Manga Bible #1)
Walls, Brawls, and the Great Rebellion (Manga Bible #2)
Fights, Flights and the Chosen Ones (Manga Bible #3)
Traitors, Kings, and the Big Break (Manga Bible #4)
Prophets, Captives, and the Kingdom Rebuilt (Manga Bible #5)
Parables, Miracles, and the Prince of Peace (Manga Biblle #6)
Death, Resurrection, and the Great Commission (Manga Bible #7)
Trips, Ships, and the Ultimate Vision (Manga Bible #8)


Student by day, Ninja at night!
I Was an Eighth-Grade Ninja (Tomo #1)
My Double-Edged Life (Tomo #2)
Child of Destiny (Tomo #3)
The Argon Deception (Tomo #4)
Secret Alliance (Tomo #5)
Truth Revealed (Tomo #6)
Betrayal of Trust (Tomo #7)
The Battle for Argon Falls (Tomo #8)

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