Evil is stirring in Elenath. A rapid chain of events: a righteous king’s murder, a dark queen’s seizure of the throne, and the stirring of ancient peoples opens a new chapter in Elenath’s history. Dark powers seek to control all and a bare few stand against the sinister forces. At the center of the tempest lies Gwaeron, princess of Anirum. Secrets surround her true identity, and the strange gifts she is capable of are sought after by both sides of the silent war. Another evil haunting the land of Elenath; sweeping from the northwestern wasteland to Anirum’s eastern coast is the dreaded eves fornost. Hearts of human, elf, etel, and gnome will turn—for good or evil.

And the worst is yet to come.

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About The Author

As a child, Amanda Bradburn began writing as a hobby with a pair of friends. Their first efforts produced a "humorous, impossible, childish mystery book that made little sense and was full of an eight-year-old's somewhat crazy ideas." Amanda departed from writing mystery at 11, when she became enchanted with the Lord of the Rings -- and, years later, dreamed of writing an original fantasy series. The Keepers of Elenath is the first of seven.

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