Is there life on Mars? That’s what Captain John Wells and his NASA colleagues hope to discover in this second installment of the Mars Hill Classified trilogy when they undertake an aggressive mission to the Red Planet. However, from the outset, nothing goes as planned. An uncanny prophecy coupled with an unexpected alien escort ends in a series of catastrophic events that give John plenty to think about as he makes the interminable journey back to Earth.

The mysteries of Mars, woven into a complex tapestry of international intrigue, will lead him to answers even the most faithful fear. As he starts to put the pieces of the universal puzzle together, the pieces of his life irrevocably fall apart, but, as he must constantly remind himself, God does indeed have a plan for him.

The Proof was a finalist for the 2007 Christy Gold Medal recognizing the best of inspirational fiction.

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About The Author

Austin Boyd writes extensively about faith issues related to technology and business. He published more than two dozen technical articles and papers during his career as a Navy pilot, NASA astronaut finalist and spacecraft engineer. He's a Christy Gold Medal finalist (The Proof, 2007) and winner of the Mount Hermon “Pacesetter Award.” Austin is employed at an engineering and design firm in Huntsville, Alabama. He is active in local ministry.

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