Mattie Branson, daughter of Dan Branson, now nineteen and completing her first year of studies at a Bible college in Portland, Oregon. She and two of her closest friends have been called to spend two months assisting a woman missionary in Guatemala.

Hernado Banderas is the chief executive officer of a major multinational import/export company but has been abusing his position by smuggling drugs into the United States. As a result of the pressures being applied by the Colombian drug cartels, Banderas’s illegal operation is suffering. He feels forced to engage in human trafficking for the large sums of money paid for young, attractive blonde girls …

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Ben Rolphe spent over fifty years of his life as an entrepreneur. He has written and lectured on the techniques of advertising and marketing products and services. As a former rancher, he became an excellent horseman and experienced trail rider, and has experienced the challenges of farming along with the risks of ranging cattle. His writing, both autobiographical and fictional, reflect many of the locations and experiences of his life. Ben and his wife live in North Idaho.

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