Widow Marjorie Gloriam is a top marriage counseling professor who can overcome everyone’s loneliness but her own. Mired in grief, guilt, and her deep fear of abandonment, can she learn from her counseling students, who are rebuilding their own relationships with her advice? Colm McCloskey, a visiting Irish professor and man of letters, longs for more than words on a page after the death of his wife. One day, determined to confront his phobias one by one, he heads toward a horse farm to cure his terror of horses. When Marjorie is thrown from the saddle, only Colm sees her head hit the rail. Will both be able to overcome their fear and learn to trust again — through each other?

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About The Author

Betty Arrigotti’s passion for exploring what makes relationships healthy budded in childhood, grew when God supported her through a failed engagement, and yielded the rich harvest of a subsequent healthy, happy marriage. She completed a Masters in Counseling but felt called to use her writing compulsion to help even more couples. She trusts God may use her enthusiasm to enhance the lives of her readers and thanks him for the opportunity to share a bit of Ireland in her stories.

Books by Betty Arrigotti

Where Hope Leads

Perhaps, if they take time to ask and trust, they might discover God's plans for their future are grander than either could imagine.