When her father is drafted during World War II, motherless Holly Jean Roberts must leave the big city of Cincinnati to live with her Granny in a tiny log cabin in the Eastern Kentucky mountains. She misses her other family and friends and her big Junior High School, but she soon discovers that life is anything but boring on the farm. There she discovers secret waterfalls, what is really behind those strange sounds in the woods, someone called “Madman Max” and other mysteries that she eventually solves with the help of her new friends she met at a small country church.

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About The Author

A prolific writer, Bonnie Compton Hanson has published a wealth of material for adults as well as children. Among her children's books is Hattie's Surprising Discovery, which was a finalist for a Gold Medallion Book Award, and her popular Ponytail series for girls by Legacy Press. Her writing has appeared in many other well-known publications.

Books by Bonnie Compton Hanson