Colton Parker is back on the case — once again hired to penetrate a
tangled web of murder and corruption. Colton’s still based in
Indianapolis, still fighting to make ends meet, and still striving to
maintain a relationship with Cassie, his troubled teenaged daughter.

His latest client is Burger Hume, a dying millionaire with one final wish: To see the illegitimate son he’s never met.

To find the lost child, Colton must follow an increasingly dangerous
path that leads from outlaw bikers in the back alleys of Indianapolis to
a dishonest politician on the floor of the Indiana state Senate.

Along the way, Colton is driven to question his own values — and
decide what matters most in his life — as he learns that love of money
is indeed The Root of All Evil.

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About The Author

Brandt Dodson was born and raised in Indianapolis and comes from a line of police officers spanning several generations. A writer and a board–certified podiatrist specializing in peripheral nerve surgery, Dr. Dodson, his wife, and their two sons live in Newburgh, Indiana, where he serves as an elder at the First Christian Church.

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