Robert Whitney couldn’t imagine anything worse than what he’d just experienced: seeing his wife and daughter killed when their car collided with a transfer truck.

But Robert was wrong.

With the help of a clever insurance scheme and a tainted witness, the wreck is called an accident. Fueled by his loss and driven by the pain of injustice, Robert is determined to destroy the lives of those involved by stealing the identities of the trucker, his company, and the witness. All goes well until the trucker decides it’s time to fight back.

Deceit, anger, revenge, and forginveness are intricately woven into a fast-paced page-turner that every suspense fan will love.

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About The Author

Brian Reaves is a computer programmer, musician, husband, and father of two. He is very active in his church with the worship team, and is the worship leader for the youth ministry. Brian writes stories that take place just at the edge of reality and has been compared to Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman. He lives in Anniston, Alabama.

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