Will Hopkins’s new housekeeper is the prettiest young woman he’s ever seen — and that’s the problem. Will thought Abigail Stewart would be a middle-aged matron, well-suited to hardscrabble prairie life. Even if his young sons are entranced by her wholesome kindness, his only option is to send Abby back east. For the sake of propriety … and his guarded heart.

Answering the newspaper advertisement was Abby’s chance of escape from her unhappy home. But now her employer has turned out to be a rugged widower instead of a widow. A marriage in name only will allow her to remain long enough to find another job. Or until a misunderstanding becomes the means to a second-chance family …

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About The Author

Born in rural Illinois, Bonnie moved to the western suburbs of Chicago from the age of four. Living only a block from the local library, she spent countless hours reading. From Little House on the Prairie, James and the Giant Peach, The Hobbit, Across Five Aprils and anything else she could find, Bonnie's greatest love was for Historical Fiction. While studying at Moody Bible Institute, Bonnie met her own Prince Charming at the Spanish speaking church she attended. Twenty-five years later, they have four children, ages 22, 20, 18 and 16. Bonnie continues to read as many books as she can get her hands on when she's not interpreting for Spanish speaking patients at the hospital where she works.

Books by Bonnie Navarro

Rescuing the Runaway Bride

When the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Mexican landowner is injured saving his life, Christopher Samuels must nurse her back to health. Can Chris care for the spirited young woman and find a way to take her home in time for her wedding, without falling for her in the process'

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