Chessa’s husband, U.S. Senator Darren Richards, is a behind-the-scenes, narcissistic alcoholic. None of that changes when he becomes the leading Democratic candidate for President of the United States. Chessa’s worries about her husband reach a fevered pitch as he closes in on winning the nation’s highest office. How can she support his candidacy, even if it will mean becoming First Lady?

Darren’s opponent, Leif Mitchell, is selected from his more humble life as a horse rancher and country rock singer to run for political office. His charm and leadership pave the way for him to become a national hero and a real threat as the leading Republican presidential candidate. A rich and powerful Darren will stop at nothing to bring Leif down, causing Leif to reconsider his “high road” approach to politics.

When Chessa finds out Leif is preparing to seek revenge on Darren in an attack that will not only destroy her husband’s candidacy, but will probably cost other innocent lives as well, she is suddenly faced with a decision: Should she preserve peace at all costs, protecting those who would otherwise become collateral damage as a result of the ensuing battle—and in default, her husband—in turn sacrificing her freedom and risking her own life? Should she try to stop Leif, which may ruin his chances but save his soul?

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The Peace Maker

Should Chessa try to stop Leif, which may ruin his chances at the Presidency, but save his soul'