In this fourth and final book in The Scottish Crown Series, there is hope at last for real peace between Scotland and England, It has been six uneasy years since the Scots’ victory at Stirling. Many warriors have returned to their families and their lands. But they remain vigilant, ready to ride to battle for their king, Robert the Bruce. Young Keifer McNab has been sent away to live with a foster family until he is old enough to assume his position as “laird of the clan.” Though the daughter of Keifer’s new family will go to great lengths to assure him of her love and friendship, he is bitter. Bitter at not having a father to guide and train him. Bitter at having to accept a hard lot in life. Keifer is tested further when he is betrayed by someone he trusts and grievously wounded. He will need steady faith and unconditional love to convince him that something better awaits. Will hope come to him in time? Will THE PROMISE OF PEACE ever be more than a dream for himself and his country?

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About The Author

Carol Umberger won the 2001 Golden Heart Award from the Romance Writers of America in the Best Short Historical category for her manuscript Circle of Honor, the first volume in The Scottish Crown Series. A twelve-year veteran of the United States Air Force, Carol has been married more than twenty years and has two sons.

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