It’s Thanksgiving Break and chores are being
handed out. Hadyn, nearly 16 and the oldest of
the four Barlow brothers, is told by his father to
clear the back acres of their new farm. Hadyn
resents life. After losing his mother to cancer
and relocating away from the only home he’s
ever known, he misses his friends and his Mom.
While hacking through a briar patch, a strange
rock formation arouses his curiosity. After
four mysterious black birds deliver a strange
summons, Hadyn and his brother Ewan realize
the stone is really a magic Viking runestone.
Through this portal, they cross into the ancient
world of Karac Tor.

Crisis looms. In the Five Dominions of Karac
Tor, names are being stolen from the young—
literally erased from the sacred Book of Names.
Meanwhile, the sorceress Nemesia is spreading
darkness from her Tower of Ravens. While Hadyn
and Ewan are immediately hailed as Champions
sent to help rescue the land, the brothers have
a far more simple goal: find their way home—
and stay alive! As the seductive call of Nemesia
lures them towards despair, the Barlows must
discover power and courage they never knew
they possessed. Yet even if they survive, will
anyone know how to send them back to our
world? Or will they be lost forever?