The prophetic time clock has started ticking and now the search begins!

With the words of his final doom still ringing in his ears, Lucifer is thrust out of the Garden. Under his command, the army of evil imps begin their frenzied search for the mystery Seed that will become their nemesis and final conqueror.

The second book in the Chronicles of the Host Series, Unholy Empire chronicles the launch of an all-out war by Lucifer’s hordes against humankind in an attempt to identify and destroy the promised One. If this “seek and destroy” mission fails, they are all doomed!

Doug Shafer sheds new light on the dramatic encounters between Cain and Abel, Moses and Pharoah, and others in the prophetic line. Always in the background, lurking in the dark shadows, are fallen angels waiting, hoping to find the Seed. They must not fail.

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About The Author

D. Brian Shafer is a pastor and writer. He lives in Waco, Texas with his wife, Lori, and their three children, Kiersten, Breelin, and Ethan. He is the author of the Chronicles of the Host series, available in bookstores nationwide.

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