Surviving the storm was only the beginning.

Adan escaped the destruction of Oasis, but at a terrible cost. The scientists who had experimented on him were gone, but so were the memories they had taken from him.

Now his only hope at recovering his past lies with a renegade scientist and his invention, the chronotrace, a powerful device which can retrace the past.

But his search for answers leads him to question whether the scientists from Oasis were the only threat. A storm of another kind is brewing on the horizon, but he will only be able to find out what it is by going through the Viscera.

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About The Author

DJ Edwardson always wanted to invent the hovercraft. Not some floaty balloon contraption, but the real McCoy, with levitation and jump jets and cool track lights down the side just because. But he found that not being a scientist or an inventor or a multi-billion dollar venture capitalist put a bit of a damper on that career path so he settled for the next best thing, writing about them. He also writes about things that aren't "things" at all, like friendship, courage, and love. And those are even more exciting than hovercraft.

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