With an invasion of her country imminent, Tipper Schope is drawn into a
mission to keep three important statues from falling into the enemy’s
clutches. Her friend, the artist Bealomondore, helps her execute the
plan, and along the way he learns to brandish a sword rather than a

As odd disappearances and a rash of volatile
behavior sweep Chiril, no one is safe. A terrible danger has made his
vicious presence known: The Grawl, a hunter unlike any creature
encountered before. 

To restore their country, Tipper,
Bealomondore, and their party must hide the statues in the Valley of the
Dragons and find a way to defeat the invading army. When it falls to
the artistic Bealomondore to wield his sword as powerfully and naturally
as a paintbrush, will he answer Wulder’s call for a champion?