Monah Trenary is battling for city funds for her beloved library. When a rival for the much-needed monies winds up dead, Monah is considered one of the prime suspects. When a second corpse weighs in, police detective Mike Brockman discovers that, according to the evidence, Monah and monkshood are a lethal combination. Can Monah and proven sleuth Casey Alexander find the real killer before this librarian is booked for murder?

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About The Author

Elizabeth and Janelle co-authored their first novel, Where the Truth Lies. Elizabeth is an accomplished speaker and teacher, and her popular literary blog, The Borrowed Book, enjoys a wide readership. Along with her husband and two children, Elizabeth makes her home in the great state of Texas. Janelle also lives in Texas with her husband and two sons, though a portion of her heart still resides in her birth state of Minnesota.

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