There’s no Easy Street in Midtown Manhattan.

The NYPD has a name for the perps who live on the streets. They’re called skells, people who cause trouble for cops trying to keep the peace. And night after night of run-ins with skells is taking its toll on officer Tony Cavalucci. He’s trying to see them as people needing compassion, but without the support of most of the force, Tony’s finding it hard to keep up with a job that’s dragging him down.

Even his family seems against him. Hating the person he’s becoming and blaming the people who turned him around are now favorite pastimes of the feuding Cavalucci family. With the support of his partner, Joe Fiore, and his fiance, Michele, Tony’s trying to rise above family history and make a good life for himself. But will a dark family secret change his perspective?

Raw, honest, and written with a cop’s eye for detail, Skells vividly highlights the real world of life on the beat.

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About The Author

F.P. Lione is actually two people — a married couple by the name of Frank and Pam Lione. They are both Italian-American and the offspring of NYPD detectives. Frank Lione is a veteran of the NYPD, and Pam recently left her job as a medical sonographer in vascular ultrasound to stay home with their two sons. They divide their time between New York City and Broadheadville, Pennsylvania, in the Poconos.

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