Great Bible Stories: Comic Book Bible for Kids adapts the great historical accounts from Genesis to Revelation, dramatized in words and illustrations that children and adults today can understand and enjoy.

Full of joy, this title oozes with catching enthusiasm while remaining biblically accurate from front to back. With vivid and dramatic pictures and easy-to-read text young readers are captivated and will curiously investigate all the funny details that waiting to be found in the hectic illustrations. Once started, kids wanna know what happens next…

  • Hilarious pictures that suit the age group
  • Context explained by charming narrators
  • Retold with Biblical accuracy

All the events depicted are true to the Bible and illustrated in a style and form that kids will read. The text and illustrations take the reader on a biblical journey through the whole Bible, from Creation to the ministry of Jesus all the way to Revelation. This series gives a good overview of the messages in the Bible, while keeping an exciting and easy-to-read approach.

Illustrator: José Pérez Montero
Text: Ben Alex

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About The Author

Ben Alex is an author of almost forty books,  ranging from Christian children’s books to biographies, inspirational, and adult spirituality books. He has received the C.S. Lewis Gold Medal for best Christian children’s book in the U.S. Ben grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark,  in the 50’s and 60’s with a solid background in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. He has also been involved in the charismatic and ecumenical movements. For many years he lived in California and Oregon but resides now in Denmark with his wife. He has six children.

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