After witnessing her boss’s murder, Aria Zimmerman isn’t sure she’ll make it to safety. She would already be dead if it weren’t for her ex-boyfriend David McGuire. Now she and David are in a race for their lives on the rugged Oregon coast. If their enemies don’t get them, the elements will. With a lethal tsunami bearing down on them, Aria has no time for regrets and little hope of reconciliation with her former love. Her only wish is that they live long enough to avenge an innocent man’s death…

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About The Author

Heather Woodhaven earned her pilot's license, rode a hot air balloon over the safari, assisted in a Haitian mission, parasailed over Caribbean seas, and snorkeled among sting rays before becoming a mother and wife (her greatest adventure). Heather channels her love for adventure into writing characters who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

Books by Heather Woodhaven

Surviving the Storm

After witnessing her boss's murder, Aria Zimmerman isn't sure she'll make it to safety. She'd already be dead if it weren't for her ex-boyfriend David McGuire...