A passionate heretic hunter, Pernell Foxe, has dedicated his life to protecting the sacred Scriptures from those infidels who translate it into the vulgar tongue and distribute it among the masses. Meg Foxe, his wife, is haunted by her violent past and tortured by nightmares. She finds comfort in her husband’s arms … when he’s home.

Then one night, soldiers pound on her door and whisk her away to Whitehall Palace to help calm the tempestuous Anne Boleyn, Queen of England. While there, Meg confiscates a banned New Testament from three of the queen’s attendants, intending to destroy it. But the book falls open, and she is captivated and soothed by the words …

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About The Author

I worked during the day to make a living, and at night I'd read books about the craft of telling stories. And I wrote. I collected and compiled them ... until I thought they were pretty good. That's when the publishers started rejecting me. For 13 years they rejected me. Finally, a publisher liked what I'd written and offered me a contract. That was 1993. And I've been writing stories for a living ever since.

Books by Jack Cavanaugh

Dear Enemy

One night in the Ardennes Forest will change everything she holds dear ...