Flee from things not of God.

When your world turns from dreams to nightmares and forces in the spirit realm are battling for your soul, what is left to do but dance with the avatarÉ

Maya delves deeper into things not of God. Having given up her promising life without a single glance back, she moves to an ashram in India to worship her guru, Cha Ma-whom many believe to be an avatar of the goddess Kali.

Maya spirals deeper and deeper into a fantastical, supernatural world that is beyond her wildest dreams and worst nightmares. As an insidious web of evil weaves tightly about her, Maya sinks into greater and greater delusion-slipping between euphoric highs and suicidal lows. Maya’s experiences cause her to question her beliefs and test her sanity.

On the other side of the world, after having been unwittingly tossed into the deadly battle by Maya’s choice to move to India, her parents continue to face increasingly more difficult emotional, physical, and spiritual battles as they fight for Maya’s life.

The stakes are high in this violent war between good and evil as heavenly angels and demonic beings strategize and battle to gain ground for the souls of Maya, her parents, and people close to them.

As Maya dabbles deeper and deeper into things not of God, the evil surrounding her threatens to overwhelm and destroy her and others. Will Maya survive in her chosen new world? Will her parents survive the warfare aimed at them because of loving her?

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About The Author

Whileat Harvard, Jovan Jones underwent a spiritual crisis that started her along the path of different religions. After many years, she turned to Christ -- and now writes Christian fiction to help readers get a revelation of Him in all His greatness, even if it's just an inkling! Currently she serves as a mentor facilitator to increase teacher retention and efficacy. She and her son live in North Carolina.

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