Cassie is trying to save a camp from bankruptcy, but Will’s job is to see the property sold no matter who gets in the way.

Laura is left at the altar with a house in serious disrepair, while Connor doesn’t know if he should help her or be loyal to his best friend, the runaway groom.

Beth is facing a mountain of problems, and she certainly didn’t need to deal with distrustful Brendan returning to town and stirring awake her heart.

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About The Author

Julie Jarnagin grew up in a rural community where her family farmed and raised cattle, inspiring her to set much of her fiction in small towns. Her articles have appeared in local and national publications. Through her writing, she hopes to share stories that reflect God’s love.She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and young son. 

Books by Julie Jarnagin

Canyon Walls

Is Will Overman there to help the kids or to scout out the camp as a possible development site for his family's real estate business ...'

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