A terrorist’s bomb. A rogue experiment. An impenetrable mist. And no one is coming to help…

After a bomb explodes in a working-class neighborhood of Barcester, Massachusetts, police sergeant Jason Logan fights to keep order and assist the injured while desperately waiting for aid to arrive. Is the mist from the bomb preventing ambulances and fire trucks from coming in? Or has something far more dire occurred?

As the hours tick by, Logan tracks the terrorist mastermind–whom he learns is not done wreaking havoc. Cut off from modern medical resources, nurse-practitioner Kaya de los Santos treats the injured and soothes the fearful, unaware that her teenaged son Ben is on the run from both the cops and the terrorist.

The vanished begin a battle for survival against enemies they’ve always known–and forces they’ve never even imagined.

“A fast-paced story reminiscent of A Wrinkle in Time.
Eric Wilson, author of A Shred of Truth, The Best of Evil, and Expiration Date

“Scared me to shivers one moment and lifted me to the heights of wonder in the next. Kathryn Mackel is the master at making you feel the mystery of life, both at its brightest and darkest.
Kathleen Popa, author of To Dance in the Desert

“Kathryn Mackel is one of the best things to happen to suspense fiction in a long time–and Vanished is her most intense book yet. This book kicks off a series that’s guaranteed to give you hours of white-knuckle reading.”
Jim Denney, author of the Timebenders series and Answers to Satisfy the Soul

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About The Author

Kathryn Mackel started her career as a technical writer. The month she turned forty-five, she received a call from an editor who want to publisher her children's novel -- within three weeks, she also sold her first screenplay. With this momentum, Mackel was launched into a new career as a children's writer, a Christian mystery novelist, and a screenwriter.

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