The Philippines of the future is a dangerous place. A country ravaged by 20 years of Islamic civil war. A nation fractured by religious fundamentalism and socioeconomic decay—and a place General Rick Macey thought he’d never have to see again.
But when a political assassination takes place at the US embassy in Manila, a calling card is left that Macey can hardly ignore.

Charged with mending US-Philippine relations, Macey must uncover the assassins, known only as The Tenth Crusaders, before the U.S. is accused of politically sabotaging the Philippines’ efforts to join the Islamic Alliance of Oceania—a pan-Islamic Supercountry comprised of the former Malaysia and Indonesia.

Failure could mean a new conflict between the U.S. and I.A.O., but to find the Crusaders, Macey will have to confront his past in the Philippines and the truth behind why he never wanted to return.

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About The Author

Christian cyberfiction writer Kirk Outerbridge developed a passion for storytelling at an early age. His novel Eternity Falls won the 2010 Carol Award for Speculative fiction. Kirk and wife Ria live with their young in beautiful Bermuda. He is a faithful member of the Church of Christ and is a professional engineer employed by the government.

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