Too much vanished to handle?

Twelve-year-old Jeri McKane knew
that attending boarding school hundreds of miles from home would be
hard, but she never imagined anything like this. Her mom— too busy even
to answer Jeri’s phone calls and emails—sends the devastating word that
she can’t make it to Parents’ Weekend. Then the school bus carrying
Jeri’s roommate Rosa mysteriously disappears. A natural sleuth, Jeri
knows there are leads to be followed and follows her instincts to
discover new dimensions of faith and courage. Can Jeri continue to trust
God even in the most confusing of times?

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About The Author

Kristi Holl is a best-selling award-winning author of dozens of middle-grade novels. With additional background as an elementary school educator and instructor of writing for children, Kristi's books are on many recommended reading lists and have been nominated for numerous Children's Choice Awards. Kristi has three grown daughters and lives in Texas.

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